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  • Windows 7 Folder Background Changer 1.1

    Windows 7 Folder background changer is a handy, user-friendly and powerful utility intended to enable you to change the explorer / folder backgrounds in Windows 7. You can now customize your windows explorer using your
  • IE Toolbar Manager 1.1

    IE Toolbar Manager is designed to help you conveniently and effectively manage some aspects of Internet explorer appearance and behavior. It has a simple user interface so it will not be difficult to master this
  • Windows 7 or Vista Login Screen Changer 1.0

    change Logon background for Windows Vista or Windows 7 and Login to your Computer with your favourite background or Screen Image. Select any image file (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, etc) and change your logon background for Vista
  • ZapBing

    change the background image periodically with the search engine of Microsoft (Bing) and everything automatically! Extremely easy to use and configure. - software in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Deutch - Popup menu
  • ZapWallPaper 11.15.2

    change the background periodically change the background periodically and everything automatically ZapWallPaper has many functions, all in an intuitive and enjoyable. Extremely simple to use but customizable to your
  • Leexsoft LogonChange 1.7

    System Utility for change logon screen This free application and simple makes it dead simple to change the logon background in Windows 7. After download Logonchanger, you can change the logon screen background with
  • Anti-Hijacker 1.2

    Having problems with your Internet explorer homepage? Anti-Hijacker is a tool that Internet explorer should have added a long time ago. Anti-Hijacker sits silently in the background, using no computer resources, until
  • aSkin 1.0

    aSkin is a cool program that cycles images (skins) over your explorer and Internet explorer. Each time you open explorer or Internet explorer a new skin will decorate its background. aSkin is 100% FREE. Using aSkin
  • My Toolbar Background 1.0

    With My Toolbar background you can create a gradient background and set it as Windows explorer (and My Computer) toolbar background in less then the time it takes to read this sentence. If you don't like the result, you
  • homepagle 1.3

    This is a simple tool that allows you to change the background image of certain websites. homepagle can change the background of popular services to any image, move search box on the page, listen to online radio and
  • Automatic Desktop Background Change Software 7.0

    Now you have no need to change background of your desktop manually because the handy software Automatic Desktop background change does it automatically for you. You can set your desire time for changing such as 1 minute,
  • Folder Tweaker 1.1

    change your folders background image Folder Tweaker gives you the chance to change your folders background image and icon within seconds Are you bored with your programs' icons or with your folders background
  • WinTuningXP 1.175.2

    WinTuningXP is a program which is intended for change of the hidden settings of Windows XP Professional/Home Edition operating system. It allows to make it easily and simply. You simply put a checkbox (the option)
  • Folder Background Changer 1.0

    The handy software application Folder background changer is used for easily changing background of folder. It has user friendly interface that is very easy to use for everyone. You can use it easily such as you have to
  • Any Background 2.10

    Bored of your inanimate desktop? Tired of changing background regularly? Or getting messed up with your growing collection of backgrounds? Try Any background, and start a new and refreshing desktop experience now.
  • IEmage

    Bored of the pale explorer Toolbar within the colorful windows environment? Hotbar offers another choice for selecting many beautifull toolbar images from their gallery. But those pictures must have a standard in size
  • Windows 7 Start Button Changer 2.6

    Allows you to change the Windows 7 Start Orb or Button easily. Allows you to change the Windows 7 Start Orb or Button easily. The Windows 7 Start Button changer application was developed to be a small tool that will
  • LogonEight 1.0

    Automatically change the Windows 8 lock screen background logon image every day. Choose a folder of images and select an interval to automatically change the Windows 8 lock screen background logon image. Choose to change
  • Win7 Log0n Changer 2.0.1

    Win7 LogOn changer Is A Program Designed To change Your Windows 7 Logon background Without The Hassle Of Digging In Your Register Or Changing Things Manually. The Simple User Interface Will Make It Quicker And Less
  • IE Logos 1.0

    IE Logos allows you to change the spinning globe in the upper right hand corner of Internet explorer. Not only allows you to change them but also backs up your current set in case you want to restore them. Comes with 24
  • Skinner 3.1

    Adds a picture to Internet explorer Toolbars. Now you can add a beautiful landscape picture to your Internet explorer toolbars! Skinner automatically downloads pictures(skins) from it's online gallery, and all you
  • Jvw Internet Explorer Manager 1.0

    Are you tired of looking at the same IE backround all the time, Do you wish to change your Windows explorer toolbar ? You ever wish you could restrict certain functions with internet explorer ?. Well then Internet
  • wodShellMenu component 1.0.6

    ...small component that installs itself as ContextMenu handler for your explorer, providing VB applications full control over explorer user-defined menus. With wodShellMenu you can Add Context Menu to any icon you see -
  • WallPaper Plus 4.2

    Simple to use. Easy to handle. This Desktop Wallpaper changer keeps your desktop in a steady state of motion. Its undemanding features let you change your wallpaper when you want, with the image you want. WallPaper
  • Background Changer 7

    background changer was created as a simple and easy-to-use software utility that can change your desktop wallpaper.Desktop background changer is built with the help of the Java programming language. The application will
  • Thumbnailer Lite

    Thumbnailer Lite is a set of Windows explorer extensions, which allows you to modify thumbnail images for video files. You can assign any frame of your video file as thumbnail. Also, you can change the appearance of the
  • SWF Opener 1.3

    You have saved a Flash movie to your hard drive. What's next? How are you going to play it? Actually, you can play it with Internet explorer, but if you don't want to bother yourself with "file association
  • IE Maximizer 1.20

    This is a program which one helps the users of Internet explorer every day. The program was specially built to simplify most widespread tasks of Microsoft browser users. Features in current version: - Kill unwanted popup
  • Map Export

    Map Export is a GIS developer oriented program for downloading and exporting background image. Map Export shows both satellite images as well as street maps from Google Map. As it is provided with map explorer you
  • Ninotech Date Edit 4.0

    Now you can even change the date and time of your files from inside the Windows explorer by using incredible software application Ninotech Date Edit. It is very easy to use; you just have to open the Windows explorer